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Prices for our handcrafted cakes and cookies can vary. This is because each customer will usually be looking for a bespoke cake and prices will depend on decoration, size and shape.
However to give you an idea of the price brackets please refer to the table below.
Celebration cakes: Individual round cake (inc covered board and box) 
6" cakes from £25 (square cake from £30)
8" cakes from £35 (square cake from £40)
10" cakes from £45 (square cake from £55)
12" cakes from £60 (square cake from £70)
Cookie favours are from £1.50 (plus p & p)
Novelty cakes start at £40 for a carved or 3D cake.
Giant cupcakes are from £35 and include a covered board, box and inscription
Mini cakes are approximately 2" wide and start from £5 each
Cupcakes for Wedding Cupcake Towers are from £1.70 each
Wedding cakes
Sizes, tiers, depths and materials vary so greatly for wedding cakes that it would take the whole page to show all the variations.
However as an example, prices for a three tier stacked sponge start from £220 for a 6", 8", 10" cake. (such as the Blossom Wedding cake). More intricate designs, handmade flowers, detailed piping etc may increase the cost.
All cakes require a 25% non refundable deposit (minimum £10) to book the cake and save the date. This is only payable after consultation and agreement on your chosen cakes.
The remaining monies can be paid on collection or prior to delievery. However for wedding cakes the remaining monies should be paid in full no later than two weeks before the delivery/collection date.
Payments can be made via Paypal or by cheque.
Our cakes are often collected by our customers before their event. However a delivery and set up service is available.
Please ask for details.
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